Family Friendly Summer Tag Rugby back again this Friday!

Family Friendly Summer Tag Rugby

Our summer series of fortnightly family friendly tag rugby continues this Friday evening at 6pm.  We will play till about 7:15pm and then retire to the Clubhouse for a BBQ.

  • It embodies our Club motto ‘Everybody plays’ – so everyone from 4 to 84 whether boy, girl, mum, dad, granddad or even grandma can play!  

  • It’s also a great way to start the weekend – a BBQ (so no washing up dishes!) and perhaps a beer or two from the bar (adults only!).  It’s a bring your own/self-service BBQ – so bring whatever you want to eat and you can cook it on the Club’s BBQ.

Fingers crossed for good weather – see you on Friday!

Youth Training Restarts on Tuesday 

Our youth training will resume at Tilly Park next Tuesday and Thursday.  Come along to start at 7pm when Ian Hamilton our Senior Coach will lead a session focussed on skills, strength and conditioning.  We will do the same training as the seniors at the start, but obviously will do any contact within our proper age bands.  Barry Munro our new RDO will lead the training sessions every Tuesday and Thursday prior to the schools going back, we can then discuss whether you want to continue the mid week training once you start back at school.