Hillfoots RFC Century Club Rules 2017-2018

Century Club Members

  1. The Hillfoots RFC Century Club has been launched, with the ideal number being 100 – a Century Club. The maximum number of members will be 150 members.
  2. A member may have more than one Century Club membership.
  3. A member must be over the age of 16 years old.
  4. Several people can create a consortium to join as a single member. Only one name can be given to the Club as a member and, from the point of view of the Century Club, that person will be the member and all communication in relation to the Century Club will be with that person.


  1. Approximately half of the money taken in will be paid out in prize money, subject to rule 8 below. The other half of the money taken in will be donated to Hillfoots RFC.
  2. The level of prizes will be based on the number of Century Club members one week before the date of the relevant quarterly draw.
  3. The level of prizes will be calculated on the basis of the table below and will be published one week in advance of the quarterly draw

  1. The calculation of the level of prize will only be made in respective of rounded figures to the nearest ten below e.g. if there are 99 members, the prizes will be as per 90 members.


  1. There will be four quarterly draws of £400 and one annual draw of £1000 each year.
  2. For a member to be eligible for the quarterly draw, he or she must: be current in the payment schedule; and have paid in a minimum £30 before that draw.
  3. For a member to be eligible for the annual bonus draw he or she must have paid the annual payment of £120 in full.
  4. Each member’s name will be printed on an identically sized slip of paper that will be folded in the same manner as all of the other slips.
  5. The draw will be made in public in Hillfoots RFC Club House, or wherever the Annual Dinner Dance takes place.
  6. The draws will be notified in advance, along with the level of prizes and will take place as follows:
  • At the pre-match lunch of the first home fixture of a new season.
  • At the Annual Christmas Party.
  • On the ‘Super Saturday’ of the Six Nations Championship.
  • At the Club Dinner Dance in May
  1. No member can win more than one prize at each quarterly draw.  Where the annual prize is also drawn at the same time as a quarterly draw, the draws shall be made separately and it therefore would be possible for a number to win in both a quarterly prize as well as the Annual Bonus Prize.
  2. The annual prize will be the subject of an additional draw at the Dinner Dance. There is no additional qualification to winning the annual draw i.e. the member does not need to be present to win.
  3. Prize winners will be notified and their names will be publicised in Club communications e.g. via the website and weekly Update.


  1. A separate sub-fund for the Century Club will be opened and all payments will be made to it.
  2. Members can pay in by:
  1. Any Century Club member can leave the Club at any time by giving notice to the Century Club administrator. Once notice is given, or, where relevant, any payment by standing order, has been cancelled, the Century Club member will be withdrawn from the next and subsequent draws.


  1. The Committee of Hillfoots RFC will appoint a member of Hillfoots RFC to administer the Century Club including the organisation of the draws. The administrator will take full responsibility for the operation of the Century Club.
  2. If any Century Club member has any questions or concerns, then he or she should raise them with the Century Club administrator. Any matter that cannot be resolved satisfactorily through this will be referred to the Committee of Hillfoots RFC, whose decision on the matter will be final.
  3. If the membership of the Century Club falls below 40 and cannot be increased to that level by the date of the next quarterly draw, then the Committee of Hillfoots RFC will decide whether to continue with Century Club or wind it up. If the decision is taken to wind it up, then one more draw will take place at which half the money held will be distributed as prize and half the money held, will be donated to Hillfoots RFC. The Century Club will cease to exist and the bank account closed.