At Hillfoots, we think that it is important for our Club to have a set of shared values.  Something that binds us all together into a rugby family.  Rugby is widely recognised as not just a sport or a game, but also a very positive influence for good in peoples’ lives.  The things that make a person valued in rugby, also make them valued in life.  Things like friendship, a positive attitude, hard work, fairness and a respect for others.

We have reflected upon this quite hard as we have rejuvenated our Junior Section over the last 3 years.    We realised that we had the opportunity to both teach the game of rugby, but also to help develop individuals through the game of rugby.  However, we think Hillfoots has been doing this successfully for over 40 years – it’s in the DNA of the Club.

When we talked about what these Hillfoots values are, and then wrote them down, we settled on the following things that meant the most to us:-

  • friendship
  • integrity
  • a positive attitude
  • commitment & effort

So this is the kind of Club we want to be, and also the Club we think we are:-


  • welcoming & focused upon being inclusive & family friendly
  • approachable & informal in its style
  • with a lively social scene involving seasonal activities, trips to Murrayfield and local & international festivals
  • emphases the fun & festive elements of rugby


  • encourages participation & involvement at all ages & levels
  • regularly rewards effort, not just results
  • encourages & thanks coaches, officials & other volunteers for what they do


  • priortises safety, quality & consistency in coaching & all round player support
  • provides training, mentoring & development for all of the volunteer team
  • ensures that all coaches are appropriately qualified
  • properly plans & reviews all activities
  • has peer reviewed coaching plans are in place for the season & for specific sessions – at every age group
  • keeps a comprehensive & up to date member database

Good at Communicating

  • communication to all members is good – season plans, fixture lists & weekly email updates
  • coaching information & resources are shared and easily accessible to all
  • age groups connect well with each others, older players are encouraged to help younger players
  • encourages youngsters to support the Adult teams
  • reaches out to the local community and gives something back to youth organisations (Scouts, Beavors, DoE, Schools)