Girls already enjoy a great rugby experience at Hillfoots all the way up to P7

The Junior Section already has a number of girls playing rugby in the age groups all the way through from P1 to P7.  SRU rules state that girls & boys can train & play matches together up to the age of 12.  We find that some girls really enjoy the game playing alongside boys & in fact they are very good at it!  They master the basic individual skills & game play, sometimes ahead of the boys.

IMG_4017However, we have noticed that we tend to lose some of our girl members from P3 to P4 when the game moves from touch to contact .  We think that is a great shame and want to see what we can do to turn the situation around.  Similarly, we lose all our girls at S1 because this is the age when under SRU rules girls & boys must train & play seperately.  So far Hillfoots hasn’t been able to offer girl’s rugby as part of our Youth set up – we definately want to change that!

P5 Prematch Huddle We are working on a Girls’ Rugby strategy with assistance of the Women’s Rugby Team at the SRU & we are seeking advice especially from Parents of girls as to what would be the best set up to create.  We anticipate recruiting a dedicated volunteer female coach to lead the girls’ rugby coaching team.


The big picture which is driving our thinking is that Rugby (both the men’s & women’s game) will be an Olympic sport from 2016.  In 2020, girls now aged between 6 & 12, stand a good chance of getting to the National Squads, if they learn the game now & enjoy the game enough to stick with it all the way through.  That is because so few girls currently play the game.  We have an ambition to create a female element to our Club that can act as a springboard to give girls the chance to compete at a high level.

As we develop our thinking we’ll post more information to this page.  Please contact us if you would like to join the discussion on this important Hillfoots RFC development topic.