The Tag Tigers!

Fun home training on Sunday mornings 10.00 – 11.30.  Fun matches & festivals on Sundays. 

That’s what we call our youngest Hillfoots players.  Just like the tiger above, they aren’t afraid of a typical wet, windy, rainy or snowy Scottish winter.  Why?  Because our Tigers coaching team who have lots and lots of experience in keeping kids aged 5 to 7 warm and toasty despite the weather.  Provided parents send them along with plenty of warm clothing,  our famous assault course (devised originally by Iain Johnston) will have them weaving, bobbing, jumping and running into breathless warmth in no time!

P1 (U6) – the very beginning

Without the kids noticing, even from P1 (U6) they will become experienced in the key individual skills and the team play of tag (touch) rugby.  How to pass and catch the ball.  How to run forwards and pass backwards!  How to work as a team to evade the opposite team’s touches and how to run over the touch line and score a try!   But don’t worry if your little one is nervous or doesn’t want to give it a go at first.  Lots and lots of our players began by standing on the side lines watching the fun.  Before long, they can’t resist having a go.  In two or three weeks, you won’t recognise the amount of confidence they have.  However, they’ll also learn to listen to the coach and take instructions.  Development of our players as young people with good values starts as soon as their rugby journey does.

P2 – P3 (U7 – U8) – Inspiring the kids with great coaching

Here you can see our fantastic P2 – P3 Tag coaches as they inspire the kids during a recent festival.  You can see the enthusiasm and commitment of the coaches, but also how they have created a real team spirit amongst the players.  They ensure that everyone knows what to do and feels confident about playing.  Also that all the players get equal game time.  By the the time the kids reach P3, they will have competed in dedicated festivals for their age group and have developed an enjoyment for rugby which will have prepared them for the contact game and which will hopefully stay with them for a lifetime.


Our Tag Tigers at the Strathendrick Festival in April


Every week we give prizes for effort & commitment