1971/72 Season

In 1972, men like this played rugby – but only when the grass was mowed

Due to the great effort of Match Secretary Derek Phaup, the 1st XV started the season with an almost full fixture list while that of the 2nd XV still had several gaps to be filled.  Most of the 1st XV fixtures at this time were against 3rd & 4th XV’s with a sprinkling of 2nd XV’s.  The playing strength had been further augmented by the arrival of G Izatt, J Keenan, R McDonald, J Mackie, D Ebbage, M Cousins, V Szultka, I Ward & R Harman.
The 1st XV now contained a better blend of youth & experience, the backs playing very good attacking rugby, whilst the forwards did well, often against heavier & more experienced opposition.  Bob Dewar arrived on the scene in October, followed by D Skilling who made his debut in the Howe of Fife floodlit game, (possibly the last time this fixture was played).
Training took place at Falkirk under the eagle eyes of Ian Scott, Morgan Phillips & Billy Lyons who Captained the 1st XV.  For those keen to train twice a week Doug Skilling’s ‘Keep Fit’ class was also available on Thursdays.  The social side of the game at this time centered upon the Wollpack Inn & special mention should be made of the host at the time, Kenny Graham who gave a great deal of help through advice, encouragement & donations.
This season was used in an endeavour to find the appropriate level of fixtures for the Club.  Although most of the opposition proved to be rather easy meat, we did come a cropper on one or two occasions, notably against Dundee High School FPs.  However, having to some degree proved ourselves worthy opponents, stronger fixrures for the following season were easier to come by & it was decided to take the plunge into the Midlands District Union League.
1971/72 Season
1st XV
2 Sept – Perthshire XV 3 – 3 Drawn
11 Sept – Strathmore 2nd XV 0 – 26 Won
18 Sept – Cumbernauld XV 13 – 24 Won
23 Sept – Grangemouth 3rd XV 14 – 26 Won
9 Oct – Dalziel 3rd XV 8 – 7 Lost
16 Oct – Dundee HSFP 3rd XV 38 – 12 Lost
23 Oct – Victoria Drive 4 – 44 Won
6 Nov – St Andrews Uni 3rd XV 6 – 30 Won
13 Nov – Lenzie 4th XV 10 – 28 Won
27 Nov – United Services 2nd XV 7 – 14 Won
8 Dec – Howe of Fife XV 8 – 10 Won
2nd XV
23 Sept – Stirling Co 2nd XV 76 – 4 Lost
2 Oct – Dunfermline 5th XV 13 – 8 Lost
16 Oct – Grangemouth 4th XV 14 – 6 Lost
6 Nov – Stirling Uni 2nd XV ? – ? Lost
13 Nov – Stirling Co 5th XV 13 – 18 Won   **First victory for the 2nd XV**
27 Nov – Alloa 3rd XV 40 – 0 Lost
11 Dec – Bearsden 20 – 6 Lost