Tillicoutry welcomes its French twinning friends again in February 2013

Tillicoutry welcomes its French twinning friends again in February 2013

Tillcoutry’s French friends are planning their next trip to visit the town between Friday 22 February & Sunday 24 February 2013.  Hillfoots RFC has played a significant part in the organisations & celebrations in previous years.  We hope that Club members will be available to do so again.

Kate, the organiser in Crevecoeur Le Grand has given an indication that Tillicoultry will be hosting approximately 10 families (some are couples and the others are family groups with a couple of teenagers).  There may be additional people who would like to come along too, but Kate will know about this after the Xmas holidays.

Tillcoultry will be welcoming back some ‘old friends’ as well as new faces who haven’t been to Scotland before.  The rugby link continues with Francois and Corrine Tison coming over, Dede and Martine (the Mayor and his wife) are also keen to visit us again, Aymeric and Bernard (the depute Mayor’s) will be returning and Jose and Marie-France are keen to catch up with all their Scottish friends!

This is where you can help.  Not everyone has the spare room to accomodate large groups of people but it looks like most of our visitors will be couples/group of 3 including a child.  However, are you able to help out with accomodation?  Please let Eddie Inglis know if you can and if so, how many people you would be able to host.   If you personally aren’t able to host, do you know anyone else who may be? 

Hillfoots RFC hopes to take part in the weekends activities – it gives you a chance to meet the folks from Crevecoeur.  They are a really sociable bunch and they want to get to know as many Scottish folk as possible. 

So far, the itinery includes a party/fundraiser on the evening of Saturday 23rd February.  Steve Lockie, who visited Crevecouer with his son and the Hillfoots Community Football Club in June this year, has very generously agreed to do a gig to help raise funds for the kids next football trip in June 2013.  Steve has a band and they are fantastic so it will be a great night for everyone.  The next football trip will be open to any kids from the community who want to take part and not just Hillfoots Community Club players.

The gig will hopefully be at Hillfoots Rugby Club and we hope to include as many folk as possible from all ages and all parts of the community so families and friends will be invited too.

In addition Pete Kilkenny has also managed to arrange (weather permitting) classic car trips round the Wee County for our visitors too – many thanks to Sandy at Caledonian Classic Cars – great idea from Pete and I’m sure that you’ll agree that it’s a unique experience for our guests.

 So far the visits have been organised by a handful of people, but as you will appreciate, it’s a task that is made all the easier by having as many people as possible to support it – everyone has got something to bring to the party and help is definately needed from as may people as possible to make sure the trip is a success.  Whether it’s helping with transport, showing the French guys the local sights or just coming along to the outings to get to know some new folk, everyone is more than welcome to contribute in whatever way they can.

This being the case, there will be a get-togther mid January (Monday 14 January upstairs at The Woolpack) to see who can help with what.  You may have some other ideas about what could be done when Tillicoultry’s guests are across and maybe you know somebody who could offer a freebie/get a discount entry fee etc – get your thinking caps on and get networking !!

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