Teamwork - hours of practice


At Hillfoots, we are coaching the game of rugby, but we are also coaching people.

Coaching rugby

  • individual skills
  • team play
  • game winning strategies

 Coaching people

  • fitness
  • strength & conditioning
  • nutrition
  • lifestyle

Quality counts at Hillfoots.  The Club has 10 qualified Adult Section coaches and the Junior Section has 15 qualified coaches.  8 of our coaches are qualified to UKCC Level 2.  In addition we have specialist coaching resource available for strength & conditioning for our Youth & Adult players.  

Through our coaching, we also want to develop people who are good ambassadors for themselves, the Club & the game of rugby.  People with the following characteristics:-

Team Players who are Respectful of others

Ambitious and therefore Confident personally

Mentally Tough but also Disciplined in their approach

Leaders who are Responsible for their actions

Easter & Summer Camps

That’s why in 2011, the Junior Section teamed up with the SRU, Positive Coaching Scotland & The Bill McLaren Foundation to set the standards around the Club that led to Hillfoots being the 1st accredited club in Scotland under this new Positive Coaching Partnership.

Positive Coaching ScotlandBill McLaren Foundation


HRFC Coach Induction Booklet

HRFC coach induction note